Contoh pidato bahasa inggris








The Honourable Juries

The Honourable Teachers

And all my audiences


                        First of all, let’s thank God, Allah SWT the all Mighty for his blessing and mercy, so that we are able to attend this wonderful forum in this great place and time.

Secondly, may Sholawat and Salam be upon him our prophet Muhammad saw who has guided us from the darkness to the lightness of life as well as in the next world.


Ladies and Gentlement,


In this occasion, I would like to deliver something special for you all. We have known and heard a lot about drugs abuse, robbing, murderers, pollutions, sexual intercourse Etc. But we rarely discuss and talk more about one thing. How and why do those cases come around our life; especially teenagers like me and you. The question is…..what is main course of those cases? Can you guess ladies and gentlemen? That’s right. We are talking about the fundamental of life….Moral.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


It is true that Globalization has a significant evidence  to everyone’s life. And we can not hide from facts that it comes with it’s positive and negative effects. Hi-Tech, modern life and thinking, science developing are some positive effects of globalization. In turn, it also bring something horrible and it’s being virus / problem of the state. There are so many cases come with globalization. But in this beautiful moment, I just want to focus on it’s effect to Teenagers way of life and a decadence moral!


My dear Audiences,


Absolutely, we have seen how globalization influence teenagers way of life. How globalization has create serious problem to them not only physical appearances but also their attitude, behavior, mental and way of thinking. We often see their bad habitual in any cases; wearing improper cloths, their tendency against the rules, impolite speech, and an instant way of thinking. They adopt the way of western and other country people’s life without filtering which one is useful to be implemented and which one should be thrown away. Should we deny our identity as eastern people? Why don’t we feel proud of being Indonesian? Why do we cheat their life if it is not suitable with our culture? Is it what we call modern civilization? And there are still so many questions appear concerning with teenagers life now.


Ladies and gentlemen,


Of course, we can not blame teenagers and globalization as the only source of those problems. However, this is our problem and all elements of society have to take part in this problem solving. Parents, teachers, society, government, and teenagers it self .I remember  a note says “Nobody’s perfect”! We live in imperfect world and sometimes we do so many mistake in our life. I my self and all of you have ever do something bad. But ….should we keep excusing ourselves and keep doing the awful thing? Let’s see imperfect world is not as an excusing, but as a reason to improve make us better. And it will come true when we can control our selves and decadence moral. Teenagers, are supposed to be the next generation of this state. We are demanded to continue the ideal of Indonesia independence struggling. To create a good society,  fair and wealthy.


My dear Audiences,


There are many things that we can do improve the decadence moral. Religious education, active participant of parents and all society elements, good education are some clues to solve the problem. We need for religious education since the early routine that useful to strength our own faith, adhere the advice from our parents or teachers and don’t be goaded in trying things that according to law and religion and considered wrong, having a concept for right living  and develop plans by explore knowledge with our brain, spirit and confidence in ourselves.

That’s all what I can say may God always be with us. Thank you. Thanks for being here with me and listening to my speech. Long life teenagers.






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